An Endless Journey
The world we live in can be stressful and chaotic at times. Between a million different commitments and responsibilities, it can be hard to navigate and make sense of everything. Art helps me understand the world. To me, art is more than just doodles in my notebook or splashes of paint on a canvas. It is a journey, a constant pursuit of improvement, as well as an escape. I am always seeking new techniques, new knowledge, new points of view. I have used art to express myself and have my voice be heard. Art allows me to look at the world through a different lens, a lens that allows me to constantly search for new ideas and meaning in the things I see. It has allowed me to meet amazing people, who all see the world differently themselves. Art is something I am incredibly passionate about, a passion that I do not know where I would be without.
I have long ago accepted the fact that I am not perfect in any way. No drawing, assignment, or paper I have created have been without mistakes. I firmly believe perfection does not exist. Failure and mistakes are simply a part of the process, a necessary part of a lifelong journey. I look back on many of my past artworks, and they are something I would not be proud of today. A few of them I cannot even bear to look at. But, they are just as valuable and meaningful as the pieces I am very satisfied with now. Every failed drawing and messed up portrait is a stepping stone to get me across the infinite river of improvement. I keep pushing forward, not letting any self doubt or discouragement get in my way, to get better. A person’s ability to accept that they can fail or that they are not perfect is the only way to improve oneself, and this ability is one that is gained through humbleness and self confidence. These two qualities can coexist in a person, with a healthy balance. The humility required to admit you are wrong and confidence in your own ability to correct your mistake is, without a doubt, vital for navigating life. It is absolutely impossible to know everything, but with the right mindset you can get closer than you ever thought you could.
I am determined to apply my passion and commitment to the pursuit of knowledge to all areas of my life. It is my mission to always gain new perspectives and make my own work, both art and all other areas, stronger. This is why I intend on attending college in the near future. This new chapter of my life will hopefully bring along a wealth of new experiences and ideas I never considered the existence of before. There is no end goal in sight. No finish line, no end of the road to reach. The only thing to do is to keep learning as long as I live.