DOOM is one of my favorite video game series!
DOOM games I have played:

My favorite DOOM game:

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Doom 3

In my opinion, Doom 3 is very underrated. Some say the game was way too dark. I think it is perfect. With Doom 3 being a sci-fi horror game, having to make the choice between feeling secure and being able to see is absolutely what the game needed. Atmospherically, this game hit it out of the park. The creepiness and the darkness makes the mars base feel empty and desolate. The player is often struck with hopelessness, which is exactly what the demons want. Although, I found that sometimes the levels would get a little repetitive, and the game felt long at times. 7/10

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is absolute blood and guts perfection. It is so over the top, so gory, so awesome. Never have I played a game this thrilling and fast-paced. The game was well worth the wait. The level designs and many different kinds of weapons are a blast. I love the detail that demons get injured and fall apart as you shoot them, rather than looking pristine after getting a blast to the face. It's something I think more games should include. One of my favorite parts of the game is the grappling hook. The demons are really damned then. And then it can also be on fire??? What more could you ask for. This is definately one of my favorite games. I have played it 6 or 7 times, I think. 10/10